Secret App Review – free app

SecretSecret is a new social media app which has managed to rise above the slew of apps which are now hitting the app store. These days social media needs to offer something different, with Facebook and Twitter covering most of the bases. Secret does this by playing on peoples curiosity while hiding them inside the comfort of a shield of anonymity. Secret is an app which enables you to tell your deepest and darkest secrets without fear of people finding out who they belong to. See your friends secrets and popular secrets from around the world.

Create your own secretThe quality of this app is obvious immediately upon downloading. I am always drawn to an app with a nice icon, something many apps don’t have, and this well drawn, cheeky fox, sums up Secret perfectly. The interface flows nicely in front of you, showing pictures associated with secrets, and seems to glide upon your touch. This matches nicely with the simplistic central theme of the app with the main view bringing a tall column of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Creating your own secret is easy and allows subtle customisations to personalise it further. This app is easy to explore and exquisitely put together.

Unfortunately for me the inside of this beautiful app was disappointingly hollow. Browsing through other peoples secrets it becomes obvious that my initial curiosity will not be sated. The posts are mainly boring comments, with a hint of humour, about peoples mundane lives. I know this is almost the essence of social media, the interest in the small details of other peoples lives, but Secret misses the point of social media but not being very social. When you don’t know who is saying these things why should you care what they say at all.

Unfortunately, somewhere between

A secret


Another secret

I realised that I can’t see myself ever coming back to this app.

As someone who held out for years not caring enough to join Twitter, who doesn’t bother with Instagram and who rarely frequents Facebook you can take my opinion or leave it. Personally I found browsing through other peoples “secrets” was more of a time wasting exercise than an enjoyable activity. Maybe if I had lots of friends on the app it would be slightly more enjoyable but for me social media really comes alive when it connects people together. Secret gives people the freedom to share their secrets through secrecy and so takes away the enjoyment of interacting with those you know.


The Good

  • Original and fun idea
  • Exceptional interface, really simple to use and very easy on the eye

The Bad

  • Good concept in principal but, in practice, it just doesn’t work
  • No secrets just people’s daily musings
  • Dull once the initial amusement wears off

Final Words

Secret is a flash in the pan app very representative of our current society. A unique and original idea, it has piqued enough interest to gather internet acclaim and users. Sadly all original ideas eventually lose their shine and for me there isn’t enough fun inside maintain Secret for long. I loved the idea when I heard about it and couldn’t wait to try it out. Unfortunately in this case the idea was much better than the reality of mildly amusing stories from people you don’t know. I can’t see myself ever using Secret regularly  and I can’t really see why anyone else would either.

Rating 45/100


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